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Born in Rotterdam 16th of july 1970 the Netherlands,I grew up with my father (Indonesia) playing acoustic guitar,mostly Country & Western and Rock & Roll of wich my father & mother (Netherlands) both liked and wich filled our house. As Youngest of four children,I got infected by many styles considering the time periodes those days and the different ages of my brothers & sister and the music they liked.

In the period when Kiss was popular,I often copied them at primary school,painting breasthair on my chest featuring Paul Stanley.

The first tune (Deep Purple -smoke on the water) on the acoustic guitar,laying the guitar flat with the back on my lap,I soon made.

At age of eight I went for private lessons in the neighbourhood for 2 years and played the regular songs.There first contact was made with the audiance,playing at resthouses for seniors with a group of students ,playing different instruments.As youngest one I often had to introduce myself to the audiance,causing the first drops of sweat.My first song live at primary school on guitar & vocal ,was John Lennon's " Imagine ".The picture shown under I'm pullin a guitarstring...

Those years while playing the acoustic guitar with my father & brothers,mostly Rock & Roll, my father teached us how each one had to play considering,rythem,melodie and bass.We all had only acoustic guitars, but there basics were made to understand the difference and often switched or played with two of us at the same time on one guitar.

At the time my oldest brother came at the age that he went to clubs,I heard his stories about the acts he'd seen live on stage.My first example became The American Gypsy's in Eindhovens Hollywood club and how he told me bout the big negro slapping with his thumb on the bass.I was impressed.....My brother borrowed a bassguitar from my nephew and around 15 years old,I couldn't resist the tricks my brother showed me slapping & pluckin' on that big thing....